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노벨 경제상 수상자 DEATON:”대중을 움직이는 것이 무엇인지 이해해야 할 필요가 있다.”

Deaton2영국의Angus Reaton 2015소비, 가난, 발전관한연구로노벨경제학상수상자로지명되었다. 이는정치가어떻게복지에기여하여가난을완화하는지에대한연구이다. “The great escape”라는저서에서그는가난에대한통계방법론에비판을가하고있다. 국내총생산의증가에도많은그룹이혜택을받지못하고있다는사실을반영하지못한다는것이다. 그는여기서다른접근방법을제시하고있다. 이것이가난이라는기준선에일률적으로맞추는것이아니라백성들사이의여러그룹들의경제상황을 하나하나분리하여개별적으로분석해야한다는것이다. 경제적인문제뿐아니라 Deaton유럽으로향하는이민자들의실제상황에대하여도언급하였다. “우리가현재목격하고있는것은세상의많은부분을배제하고만을추구해온천년이상의불평등한경제의결과이다.”




세계 에 대한 화해의예

"For some months now, we have witnessed an event which fills us with hope: the process of normalizing relations between two peoples following years of estrangement. It is a process, a sign of the victory of the culture of encounter and dialogue, “the system of universal growth” over “the forever-dead system of groups and dynasties”, as José Martí said (ibid.). I urge political leaders to persevere on this path and to develop all its potentialities as a proof of the high service which they are called to carry out on behalf of the peace and well-being of their peoples, of all America, and as an example of reconciliation for the entire world. The world needs reconciliation in this climate of a piecemeal third word war in which we are living.”
Pope Francis


남북한 사이의 계약

After two days of intense talks North and South Korea have reached an agreement on ending their stand off which had pushed the peninsula into a state of heightened military tension.

accordo Corea

The crisis began after landmine explosions wounded South Korean troops. Seoul responded by broadcasting anti-Pyongyang propaganda
In a statement South Korea’s Chief of National Security said : North Korea has expressed regret over a recent landmine incident on the South’s side of the Demilitarized Zone along the Military Demarcation Line that wounded South Korean soldiers. South Korea has agreed to halt anti-Pyongyang propaganda broadcasts. And the North has agreed to end its ‘semi-state of war’.”

There was no mention of an apology by the North over the landmines and no acceptance that they had laid them, but the word “regret” seems to have satisfied the South.

The North also denied shelling South Korea last week – an incident that had prompted artillery fire from the South.

The blasting of propaganda via loud speakers had particularly annoyed Pyongyang but both sides are now said to have made compromises and will hold follow up talks to discuss a range of issues on improving ties.

Seoul and Pyongyang have technically remained at war since the 1950-53 Korean war ended in a truce, rather than a peace treaty, and relations have been strained ever since.



제목: 원자폭탄, 70년후




atomica2수는없다. 그러나것이보다인간적인접근방법이있었을것이다.

협상을통해종전이빨라졌다면원자탄을투하하겠다는유혹은생겨나지않았을지모른다. 전쟁은소련이선전포고후에만주와한국을침략하기전에끝날있었을것이다. 그렇다면한반도의분단도없었을것이다.

이러한가설을지지하던지던지미국의지도자들이전쟁종식을위해좀더인간적이고외교적인노력을기울이지않았다는비판이남는다. 원자폭탄을정점으로하는일본에대한공습은일반국민에대한비도덕적이고지나친힘의행사였다.



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