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To start with politics has never been easy, and politics in the modern world has never been a more ruthless and complex environment. However, in these challenges lie opportunities. This gives people from all walks of life - civil, cultural and economic, the chance to propose new ways to build a society where all can live in harmony.

Politics in the Oxford English Dictionary is defined as ‘organized control over a human community, particularly a state.’ Hence, by itself it resists the idea of a public voice. However, we propose something completely different. This means it’s crucial for people to participate until they are able to directly influence public decitions and actively cooperate with those who wield decisional powers.

When this happens politics becomes something other than empty ideology and rhetoric. Together, we commit ourselves concretely, by taking the following steps:

•    Build local, national, and international politicies whose ideologies stem from the needs of the weakest
•    Give strength to the role of politics in regards to finance and economy
•    Propose and experiment with practices and models of a new governance capable also of updating international relationships
•    Working not only for peace, but for full fraternity  among peoples

For a better society we need the contribution of all.  What paths should be followed?

•    Take an interest in those who live in my building and in my neighborhood
•    Accept the duties inherent in civil life
•    Do my job with honesty and professionalism
•    Inform myself about elected representatives and what they do
•    Protest when I see an injustice, an abuse, or violence
•    Absorb topical news and events from multiple channels
•    Spend some time to communicate personally, not just through technology.
•    know how to present my reasons publicly for discussion

•    Take care of the commons, and report malfunctions
•    Renounce part of my resources and share them with those in need
•    Listen  and open myself to dialogue to those who are not in agreement
•    Research and study in order to ameliorate the life of many

These are answers given by the students at the University Institute Sophia of Loppiano (Italy)
How about you?

Renew the representation

The need to reduce the distance between elected representatives of a city and the people is a big question modern democracy has not been able to resolve.

Today a vote is not enough. They demand a different horizon - where representatives can re-alize their own political action, and where citizens do not leave the management of the processes of government to the elite. It is needed the restoration of the essence of civil society and the quality of the processes of formation of public opinion in favor of common good.

Therefore there is a need for more democratic relations - that are rich in content and long-term. So which roads will lead to this journey?

By citizens:
• Vote after a thorough assessment and informing oneself; after looking for the greatest possible good of the civil community. Reject vote trading and favoritism, choose only on the basis of good reasons that are universal and not per-sonal or group related.

• Accompany the candidate from the begining of his election campaign and offer shared ideals and thoughts in the construction of his/her programme.

• Take the initiative and claim regular appointments were those who have been elected may explain their choices. Citizens should inform themselves and verify issues and decisions, offer experiences and ideas, communicate dissent and opposition.

• Give opportunities to new groups demonstrating local commitment, and use information resources offered also by political parties, trade unions, professional groups, and research centres.

• Towards the end of the mandate, assess not only on the basis of future projects, but also the programs and decisions made.

By candidates and / or representatives:

• Accept control by the citizens, research new cooperative dynamics, suggest places and listening tools, information and participation.

• Open decisions to developments, audits and fixes, putting the common good above special interests of the party.

• Value the skills and experience of those living in the territories and operate in associations, the professions, the resources of the young and the old, the new citizens.

• Decide with full responsibility and “without a binding mandate” and, at the same time aim to express the values and ideals that are represent the community guidelines.

• Use with the utmost fairness and transparency public money and ensure transparency through detailed reports on its use.

These are responses from citizens and politicians in Buenos Aires (Argentina) , Palermo ( Italy ) , São Paulo ( Brazil) , Strasbourg ( France) , Solingen (Germany ), Budapest ( Hungary) , Medellin (Colombia) , Douala (Cameroon) , Beirut (Lebanon) ... keen  to experience a direct and continuous relationship between elected and electors.

And you?


You can make a donation to the school projects of social and political participation and training for young people

Currently, you can contribute to one of the following three projects, once or on a regular basis:

1. Training courses and information politica "for young people of Burundi" - secondary school and university students - aimed at strengthening national reconciliation in view of the elections of 2015.

2. "Popular schools of citizenship" (annual cycle of meetings 2014/2015) - for young people from disadvantaged areas with low education - secondary school students and workers - the slums of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

3. "Summer school of international relations" in Trento (Italy), summer 2015 in collaboration with the Sophia University Institute of Loppiano: Air travel expenses for university students from 10 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America.

Methods of donation:
➢ Transfer of Bank Account payable to:

New Umanity
IBAN: IT60S0335901600100000010470
c/o Banca Prossima - filiale 5000
Piazza Paolo Ferrari, 10 - 20121 Milano

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