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The MppU operates as a network, locally and internationally. The task of the International Centre is to maintain contact between all local and national centres. It also cooperates with other worldwide organisations that work for the reform of political policies that will bring about peace and harmony among people.

Our story:

The MppU owes its existence to the inspiration of Chiara Lubich, whose ideas were founded amidst the 1940’s social problems of her hometown, Trent. These were first developed into political thought and action by Igino Giordani, a member of the Constituent Assembly of the post-war Italian Republic, and later adopted by many other politicians throughout the world (Josef Lux Minister in the post 1989 government of Czechoslovakia, Horacio Pirotta founder of the MppU in Argentina)

In 1996, at a time when Naples city was plagued with problems related to the mafia, a group of politicians founded the MppU, “a movement to embrace politicians of all parties... creating a culture that spread... at the service of all who work for the good of all”. It became an important source of ideas and commitment for many politicians. Chiara Lubich herself continued to inspire the MppU, and spoke on many occasions to politicians of all persuasions.


Our goals:

To develop an approach to politics grounded in what is essentially a spiritual and widely shared idea: unity.

To affirm the principle of fraternity in every way, through activities, policies, laws, rights and duties, and to bring this principle into the reform of local, national and international institutions.

To organise activities, seminars, laboratories, awareness-raising campaigns and conventions to all those involved in politics, diplomacy, public administration or the political sciences.

To create opportunities for constructive political dialogue where the views of all are respected, where there is attentive listening and a sincere attempt to understand others, and where discussion can produce shared ideas.

To promote a culture of participation, so that political decisions at all levels are the result of ideas and choices made within proper decision making processes.

The vision

The 20th century saw the birth of rights for a majority of people. This gave individuals an opportunity to live in an atmosphere of freedom and equality.

Through constant reform in our politics and policies, we are keen to build a world which is united despite its vast diversity - one that will reflect the needs of our time. For as long as history can recall - Hunger, inequality, war and terrorism have been inevitable. Weak political systems and politicians have been liable for societal failures. But there is a way out – where individuals take responsibility for the society they live in - one where they can contribute to specific causes.

The Movement of politics and policy for unity (Mppu) idea of ‘Universal Fraternity’ is nothing new.What is new is the commitment to pursue it as a political concept, and to promote it as the foundation and pillar upon which most institutions can one day rely on.


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